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Protect your home and family with home security:
Feeling shielded and secure in your own specific house is to an extraordinary degree imperative yet you can buy enormous serenity from The Home Depot as our most recent home security and prepared structures. We offer best in class home security units and associates to shield you and you're family from threat, including entryway and window cautions, parking spot and garage alarms, and besides improvement identifiers. You can likewise discover pool arranged frameworks that will caution you if a portal or route to your porch swimming pool area has been opened to help keep up a vital separation from against home gagging out episodes.
Safe your home with Smart Things:

  • Lock and open your entryways from wherever.
  • Get moment cautions if there's startling change or fragment in your home.
  • Protect gainful things and secure off-most amazing locale of you is home.
  • Set a camera to take a development of photographs when undesirable improvement or area is seen.
  • Trigger an alert to sound if there's undesirable improvement or passage.
  • Be taught if entries, windows, and coordinates.

Easy to Use and Set Up
The Smart Things Hub and social affair of contraptions offer all that you have to begin encountering a more secure, speedier witted home. On a very basic level open the compartment, take after the on-screen manages in our simple to-utilize application, and you can start utilizing your telephone like a remote to control your joined things in as sad as 15 minutes. See more on our homepage www.sikkerthjem.se
. Open Platform
Our open Platform strengthens various Zombie, Z-Wave, and Wi-Fi gadgets. You can locate these amazing outlets, jars, and lights in our Shop and in most home change stores. This proposes you can sort out Smart Things with all you're most venerated sharp contraptions in one unmistakable application.
Limitless Possibilities
Furthermore, with a quickly opening up synopsis of perceptible wonderful home computerization things that work with our application, and a making social affair of modelers enhancing approaches to manage use Smart Things, we've starting late started to touch the most shallow layer of what Smart Things has the limit do.
Shield you're home from wherever
Perhaps you're on a business trip. Obviously at you is young woman’s presentation. Then again on your way to the store. You can investigate you're home at whatever time, wherever. There's no persuading inspiration to push and no persuading inspiration to stop your had day
Stay safe with cell advancement
Close to being revolting, the wires on conventional security frameworks are additionally essential for an intruder to cut. That is the reason we skirt the wires totally to make your home altogether more secure.